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Laura Guth Klasinc
Visuals, Layout Design

Ever since I was a little kid, I had a very strong sense for aesthetics and an eye for detail. I always absorbed my surroundings very consciously — nature, colors, intricate designs. As an adult, that appreciation grew into a penchant for art and photography. I’ve spent countless hours wandering museum hallways, thoroughly studying displays or browsing through online photography portfolios, until I found an image that resonated with me. I’m just terribly in love with pictures. I collect them like some people collect stamps. Meticulously. Insatiably.

I believe that a picture speaks more than a thousand words. While language can be interpretive, a photograph offers a very clear representation of a director’s vision. And I love the challenge of discovering the one that speaks the loudest. That photograph can communicate so much, from an overall vision and tone, to even the subtlest emotion. Through such imagery, audiences can get a clear and encompassing sense of what the final commercial can and will become.

Illustrating and designing commercial treatments allows me to marry my passion for beautiful imagery and design with my profession. I’ve been working with production companies, both here and all across Europe, for over 10 years, translating directors' visions into aesthetic pitch presentations.

Jill Goldstein

I am a creative writer at heart, but my secret weapon as a commercial treatment writer is the valuable marketing experience and insight I bring to the trade. I come straight from Ad Agency world, so I’ve walked that walk and can talk that talk.

My agency career has spanned both decades and coasts. I started on Madison Avenue at Y&R and ended up at SF’s Goodby, Silverstein and Partners. In between I worked at Buder, Engel & Friends, Traction, B12/Aspen Marketing and T3 to name a few. My advertising experience has also crossed many industries from technology, automotive, packaged goods and consumer electronics. Not to date myself too badly but I vividly recall launching Netflix and debating with my coworkers whether ‘this new DVD dot-com model’ would stick!

I understand the way agencies and clients think. I know how to speak to them and how to excite them. And my experience has also taught me a thing or two about production. So when all these cylinders fire, I can, not only creatively capture a brand’s essence and skillfully detail the cinematography being proposed to bring it to life, I can effectively sell the idea in to the decision makers. Subtly of course.

My writing portfolio also includes branded content for major networks, scripts for red carpet award shows and fitness articles for national publications.

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